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January 1, 2017….8:20PM

Just came back from a night-time run in Sunnidale Park, hiking boots and headlamp on to light up the trail through the woods. Got a pretty good sweat going from pounding up some snowy hills and a short jaunt off-trail through thigh-deep snow.

As I returned home, I thought to myself that I have always felt better after exercise. Sometimes I have forced myself to go for a run or workout when I am tired because I know it is good for my mental health, maybe at times, even more so than for my physical health.

I was overweight as a young person. By about 25-30 pounds. By today’s medical definitions, I was Class One obese. I have had some pretty good injuries. 5 skull fractures, reconstructive facial surgery, concussion. Cartilage removed from my left knee. Bone chips and ligaments in my left ankle. 9 stitches under my right eye. Scars and cuts, bumps and bruises galore. I even had an infected lymph node removed from my left hip as a result of getting poison ivy so bad during a solo adventure race in 36 degree Celsius weather where I consumed about 14 liters of water just to get through the heat. All of these injuries are the result of physical activity or working out. One might think that after multiple injuries that I might get the message to slow down or stop or just pack it in.

But I just keep going. Stubborn and maybe a little stupid.

But…..exercise and physical activity has helped me battle through depression and anxiety, grief and loss (both parents, my favorite aunt, a grandmother). Exercise and physical activity has helped me battle through multiple personal and business challenges.

Now, on the first day of 2017, in the year I will turn 50, I find myself contemplating that the single biggest factor that has allowed me to be fit and healthy throughout most of my life, is CONSISTENCY.

For pretty much 40 years, I have never stopped working out or having physical activity as one of the main focal points of my life. This hasn’t been easy. It has meant giving up sleep, sacrificing time with friends and family, missing a million TV shows, getting up early, running and cycling in the dark, in the rain, in the snow, in the sleet, in the cold and the heat (everything from +35 Celsius to -35 winter marathon training).

So, if you find yourself pondering what lies ahead in 2017 in terms of your own health and fitness, consider that the single biggest factor that will get you to your goals, is the CONSISTENT, RELENTLESS, NEVER-ENDING pursuit of physical activity and exercise. Getting fit, and staying fit, is basically just a “sh**load” of hard work. It isn’t convenient. It involves sweat and discomfort and some substantial pain at times. You get dirty and smelly and really, really tired. Muscles hurt. Joints sometimes ache. Bottom line is that getting fit and staying fit, is NOT EASY.

But, I can absolutely, hands-down guarantee you that nothing will ever take you further in life than being healthy and fit. You will never be let down or disappointed if you dedicate yourself to making YOU fit. Your physical health and mental health will be, simply put, BETTER!

So scrap your New Year’s resolution and just decide to get fit. Stop trying and start doing. Be relentless. Don’t give up. Don’t stop because you’re tired or sore or stressed or too busy or too something (fill in the blank with your own excuse here)……

Go. Be fit. Be strong. Stop thinking and talking about it and just move. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what you actually do, as long as you do SOMETHING to be active.

Thanks for reading see you soon in the gym or on the road or in the woods.





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