Winter Training Program – Barrie Cycling Club


Now is the time to consider what your off-season training might look like! In addition to your commitment to being on the saddle during the Fall/Winter, a well-designed Strength Training program can be key to enhancing your performance.

Multiple scholarly articles (see Ref. 1, 2, 3 below) have shown improvement in cycling-based performance (max. power output, cadence economy, etc.) as a result of an effectively applied strength training program

We are pleased to provide a Strength Training program for BCC members/friends starting in February 2023.

This program will focus on several main elements:

  • Increasing lower body strength and power specific to cycling performance.
  • Enhancing performance in musculature that is under-utilized during cycling, which is critical to preventing muscle imbalances and reducing rates of injury/pain.
  • Improving posture, thoracic mobility, hip mobility and use of scapular and pelvic-related musculature.
  • Enhancing general function as an athlete committed to performance improvement.

Thrive specializes in Personal Training, Athletic Conditioning programs for all sports and Nutrition Coaching. Our programs are founded on exercise science and best coaching practices and delivered by well-educated, experienced coaches. Thrive has 2 boutique-style studios Alliston and Barrie and is owned and operated by Steve Coons and Ann Jackson, members of BCC.

Steve Coons, R.Kin.,
STR Practitioner
Ann Jackson, CPT,
Certified Functional Nutritionist



No previous training experience required; all abilities welcome.
Option 1 (1 session per week)
Starts Feb 27, 2023 / Ends Apr 3, 2023
Monday evenings (6 weeks) from 6:15PM – 7:15PM
Max. 8 people / Min. 4 people
COST: 6 weeks (1 session per week) = $119.00 + HST
Option 2 (2 sessions per week)
Starts Feb 27, 2023 / Ends Apr 3, 2023
Monday & Thursday evenings (6 weeks) from 6:15PM – 7:15PM
Max. 8 people / min. 4 people
COST: 6 weeks (2 sessions per week) = $199.00 + HST


Thrive ‘North’ – located at 119 Dunlop St. E., Level 3, Barrie (studio entrance off Lakeshore Dr., downtown Barrie between Bayfield and Mulcaster).
Join us in our beautiful 3rd floor studio space overlooking spectacular Kempenfelt Bay!


  • 4 weeks Strength/Hypertrophy training emphasizing primary lift exercises performed both bilaterally and unilaterally.
  • 2 weeks Power training emphasizing exercises with dominant eccentric load and/or change of tempo.
  • Exercises to condition hip/torso stabilizers and to promote hip and thoracic mobility will be included each week.
  • Recovery techniques including use of a foam roller, stretch/mobility work and self-massage/trigger point therapy.
  • Individualized STR (Soft Tissue Release) Treatment and Nutrition Coaching available by appointment.

To Register or get More Info:

Steve Coons, R.Kin., STR Practioner
(BCC member since 2018)
705-440-6632 (phone/text)


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