Thrive 5-Summit Challenge

Thrive 5-Summits Challenge

 Want to finish the summer strong, while practicing self-accountability? Then take the 5-Summit Challenge!

Here’s how it works: Climb 5 of the world’s tallest mountains in a 5-week period. We have assigned a specific number of points to different activities and lifestyle habits that we want to encourage, as a way to boost not only your physical health, but also you mental and emotional well-being. And you don’t have to be at Thrive to earn these points!

Below is a table of the different activities and ways you can earn points. The other points will be self-reported, so we are counting on you to be honest!

The 5 mountains, as well as their location and elevation are as follows:

  1. Vinson Massif – Antarctica – 16,050 feet = 128 points
  2. Kilimanjaro – Africa – 19,341 feet = 155 points
  3. Logan – Canada – 19,550 feet = 156 points
  4. K2 – Pakistan – 28,251 feet = 226 points
  5. Everest – China/Nepal – 29,029 feet = 232 points


1 point = 125 feet of elevation


  • Challenge begins Tuesday, August 4th (Tuesday after Civic Holiday) and ends Saturday September 5th (5 weeks)
  • Any tasks that say they require photo/video proof, please send via Direct messaging on our Instagram (thrive_fitness_studio), or by messaging our Facebook page (Thrive Personal Training & Athletic Performance Studio).
    • We will also be posting weekly updates in our email newsletter, and through these social media platforms.
  • A leader board will be displayed inside Thrive showing all participants progress
  • There will be a weekly prize for our leaders, as well as prizes for those who consistently participate each week.
  • Grand Prize is a gift card collection for downtown Alliston businesses
  • Please register by Friday July 31st  — email to claim your spot!
  • Once registration closes, we will be sending out point tracking pages for you to use to monitor your progress
  • There is no cost, but we are asking for a voluntary 2-item donation for the Good Shepherd Food Bank



Point Charts

 Chart #1: Exercise Points

**Outdoor Physical Activity means that the heart rate remains consistently elevated throughout duration

Chart #2: Mental & Emotional Well-being/Nutrition

***Can be used up to 3 times in 1 week