Planks – Why are they important?

Ew… planks. The longest 30 seconds of your life. The bane of your existence, your least favourite word that could leave your trainer’s mouth. BUT – so, so important – why? To answer this question – let’s get nerdy. Skeletal muscles are composed of fibers, with many different characteristics. One of the most common ways.

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The Never-Ending debate – Full Range of Motion vs. 90-degrees

The Never-Ending Debate: Full Range of Motion vs. 90-degrees   During your fitness career, you may at some point have heard the saying “Ass to Grass,” when a trainer or athlete is talking about the expected range of motion in a squat. This saying refers to an individual’s hamstrings (back of thighs) resting onto their.

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Our Commitment

Our Commitment Professional Fitness, Exercise & Health Promotion Services Client Service focused on you as a unique individual Recognition and Validation of your individual needs, abilities, goals and respect for the experiences and events of your life that have shaped you as a person A safe space free from discrimination & intolerance We will not.

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