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  • One-on-One or Small Group (2-3 people)
  • 30min or 45min sessions
  • We work with your schedule, budget and ability.
  • All fitness levels and all ages.
  • Focused on your goals and helping you achieve better health and fitness.
  • Schedule a no-cost Initial Consultation to get started.
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  • Small Group Workouts with lots of coaching and support.
  • All abilities and fitness levels – beginner to advanced.
  • Group Workouts are designed to improve strength, endurance, increase energy, improve injury resiliency, optimize athleticism and function for your daily life.
  • Different exercises and movement patterns in each workout; no two workouts are the same!
  • 5 days per week; many options and lots of variety
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MON – 6:30 PM Strength
TUE – 6:00 AM Strength, 9:00 AM Circuit
THU – 6:00 AM Strength, 9:00 AM Circuit, 6:30 PM Strength & Mobility
FRI – 5:00 PM Strength
SAT – 7:00 AM Strength & Met Con, 8:30 AM Strength & Met Con


Single Workout – $20.00
Up to 3 Workouts/week – $110/mo
Unlimited – $175/mo


  • Coaching is individualized to support you in reaching your goals.
  • We support you with guidance in daily food choices, meal planning, recipes and helping you be organized.
  • Areas of focus include Hormone Health, Sports Nutrition, Post-Menopause, Whole Food Preparation and Education.
  • Schedule a Private Consultation and take that first step to better food choices and health.
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  • Elevate your sports performance and gain an edge on your competition.
  • Periodized, challenging workouts designed to help you raise your game.
  • All sports and all ability levels.
  • Strength, power, agility, speed, quickness, coordination, recovery.
  • Please contact us to discuss how to get started.
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Thrive Personal Training & Athletic Performance Studio can also suggest referrals for physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy services if required. Please ask for referral information.